We opened our studio in Shibuya in central Tokyo in 2003, we are 10 minutes walk from Shibuya station and are lucky to have worked with clients from all over the world.

We have 9 artists (including 3 female artists) providing high quality work in a range of styles including traditional and modern Japanese, black and grey, watercolor, line work, abstract and small tattoos.

We have 6, separate, hygienic tattoo booths and a comfortable reception area. We offer in person or email consultations in English. Please contact us if you would like to book a tattoo, arrange a consultation or have any questions!

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Tattoo artists Asao / Shinya / Eiji / Masa / Mizuki / Zuke / Kazz / Keiko / YOSHIKI / kyoca

Notice Quick update! if you havent gotten a reply to a mail from us in a couple of days, we think Hotmail, outlook, live, yahoo and maybe some other providers have added muscat-tattoo.com’s mail provider to a block list. We are in touch with our ISP trying to get this sorted out as soon as possible. In the mean time, if you have an alternative mail provider could you try and contact us through them and we will hopefully be back to normal response time very soon.

Thanks for your patience,

Studio Muscat team!

Thanks for considering work with us!

We are extremely lucky to be quite busy since the borders re opened and some artists can be booked a few weeks in advance. Also depending on the week we might not have booth space available for a few days.

We have a few recommendations which can increase out chances of being able to make a booking with you quite a bit.

1 – Give us as much notice as possible. If you give us 2 or 3 months notice we can very likely fit in your booking.

2 – When sending dates, please check which dates and times you are available to be in the studio for a session carefully and send a range of possible dates, sometimes people send all the times they are in Japan but a lot of the times they can’t be in the studio.

3 – Please fill out all the information on the contact form, make sure you include a photo of the location / carefully measure the size in cm x cm etc its much more likely we can make the booking. If some information is missing it will take longer to arrange the session.

4 – It is really helpful to see a picture (sketch / mock up / life reference) of the design and a picture from our site or instagram in a style you like

5 – if you want a short notice booking its much more likely we can do the tattoo if it is something small and simple eg, text tattoo, simple symbol, some cherry blossoms

If you can think about these points when contacting us it is much more likely we will be able to arrange a booking.

Thanks! Studio Muscat staff

Updated “Art” of kyoca’s gallery!

Updated “Dragons”, “Plants”, “Aquatic creatures”, Birds”, “Animals”, “Masks”, and “Japanese” of Eiji’s gallery!

Updated “Flash” of YOSHIKI’s gallery

Updated “Abstract & ink splash”, “Color mix”, “Trash polka”, and “Japanese” of Shinya’s gallery!

Updated “Realistic mixed” of Masa’s gallery!

Updated “Tattoo” of Kazz’s gallery!

Updated Keiko’s gallery!

Guest spots for Momo, a tattoo artist from Montreal, Canada, are open until 18th May 2024. She speaks French, English, and some Japanese.
She originally worked as a 2D Animator and Video Game Artist in various studios, before starting tattooing as a means of expanding her creativity.
Her style is influenced by her previous video game work, melancholic music, relationships, and travels.
She hopes to convey various emotions and touch people’s hearts through her sketchy and romantic designs.

Momo’s tattoo worksartworks

Please contact us if you are interested in working with her!
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Added YOSHIKI’s gallery and kyoca’s gallery!

Updated “tattoo” and “art” of Kazz’s gallery!

Updated tattoos of Mizuki’s gallery!

Uploaded “Raiei”, “Bokusen”, “Lyurei” and “Others” of Zuke’s gallery!

Updated “realistic mixed” and “others” of Masa’s tattoo gallery!

We collaborated with akidearest on Youtube! Please check it out!

Added Kazz’s tattoo gallery and Keiko’s tattoo gallery!

Zuke’s tattoo work was featured on INK HAPPENED, a European web magazine for tattoos!

Updated Brush of Shinya’s tattoo gallery!

Updated Dragons of Eiji’s tattoo gallery!

Updated tattoo of Zuke’s tattoo gallery!

We hope all our friends around the world are doing as well as they can during the current crisis. If anyone has a booking they aren’t able to make due to travel restrictions / quarantine you can reschedule for up to 2 years (so April 2022 if your booking was April 2020) from the date of the original booking. Stay safe and well everyone!

We have opened an online shop for apparel, accessories and art! You can buy art prints, T-shirts and mask covers designed by studio tattoo artists and accessories designed by our affiliates and artists. We ship worldwide.


3F Green Heights,
6-6 Uguisudanicho,
Shibuya, Tokyo 1500032
10am – 8pm 7 days a week