Quick update! if you havent gotten a reply to a mail from us in a couple of days, we think Hotmail, outlook, live, yahoo and maybe some other providers have added’s mail provider to a block list. We are in touch with our ISP trying to get this sorted out as soon as possible. In the mean time, if you have an alternative mail provider could you try and contact us through them and we will hopefully be back to normal response time very soon.

Thanks for your patience,

Studio Muscat team!

    • What is your first name?

    • What is your last name?

    • What is your email address?

    • email address(confirm)

    • Your phone number

    • What kind of tattoo would you like?

    • What size in cm x cm would you like your tattoo?
      (Please measure with a ruler rather than estimating if possible)

      width  cm x height  cm

    • Where would you like the tattoo on your body?
      (Please be specific if possible, e.g outside of upper right arm / inside of left forearm)

    • Please attach a picture of the location for tattoo taken facing the area (ie not from and angle) while in a natural position. This will help us design the tattoo better.

      ※File format : jpg, gif, png, heic
      ※Total maximum size:10MB

    • What color would you like the tattoo?

    • What dates and times are you available for the tattoo? Please include the month!
      (e.g. Everyday before 5pm until June 1st / Anytime from September 8th to October 2nd)

    • Have you had tattoos before?

    • Have you had a tattoo at our studio before?

    • Are you 20 years old or more?

      ※You must be 20 years old or more to be tattooed Yes I am 20 years old or more.

    • Gender

    • How did you find out about the studio?

    • Other: please specify.

    • Any other information.

    • If you have a picture, please attach it.

      ※File format : jpg, gif, png, heic
      ※Total maximum size:10MB

    Thanks very much for contacting us! Our email turn around is usually about 48 hours (we are lucky to be very busy since the borders reopened) but we try to reply to short notice bookings a bit sooner if we can do the work.

    At the moment we aren't able to take walk ins for consultations or tattoo bookings, so please wait for us to reply before coming to the studio.

    The usual steps for making a booking are
    1 - You send us the basic information we ask for in the mail form (brief design description with 2 or 3 reference pictures / size / location picture / color / dates you are available)
    2 - We send a quote
    3 - You confirm the quote is OK
    4 - We send a date we can do the work
    5 - You confirm the date and time work
    6 - We send information to pay a deposit (usually about 22,000 yen, multi session tattoos are more) per session
    7 - You pay the deposit
    8 - We send the design a day before the session
    9 - You come in on the date, sign a release form
    10 - We do the tattoo!

    Three things which can DRAMATICALLY speed up the booking process
    - PLEASE actually measure the size of the tattoo you want in cm x cm rather than guessing, sending "the size of a ....." etc

    - PLEASE make sure the dates / times you send you are actually available for the tattoo, people often miss out on bookings as the send dates but arent free due to flights / time difference / other plans etc.

    - We usually need 3 reference pictures to make a tattoo, 1 of the location, 1 of a tattoo from an artist at our studio in a style you want to use, a mock up of the tattoo. (ie if its a tiger, a photo of a tiger in more or less the pose you want, if its an abstract tattoo, a rough sketch of what you have in mind, if its scenery a picture of the scenery etc) We generally don't use of tattoos from other studios as references.

    Muscat staff.