Safety and Sanitation

Studio Muscat is a thoroughly sanitized tattoo studio where all equipment is professionally cleaned.

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    We only use disposable (one use only) needles, ink and gloves to avoid HIV, Hepatitis B and C and other blood transmitted diseases.

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    All our equipment is cleaned using a combination of industrial detergents, a sonic cleaner, an autoclave and a sterilizer.

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    All our used needles and waste materials are disposed of by an industrial medical waste company to prevent any possibility of spreading infectious disease.

  • * If you have any question about sanitation please contact us. ( jump to mail form )

  • Autoclave

    Disinfected UV ray storage cabinet

    BioHazard Medical Waste disposal container

    Disposable Disinfected tubes

Pricing and Deposit

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    Please note the following price list is a general guideline. The exact pricing of the tattoo will vary a little depending on size / design / location / colour.
    Please mail us for a detailed quote : jump to mail form

    Tiny (e.g. single 1x1 cm letter)
    8,800yen (inc tax)〜

    Tiny (e.g. single 1x1 cm letter)
    around 11,000〜19,800yen (inc tax)

    Business card size 9cm×5.5cm
    around 16,500〜27,500yen (inc tax)

    Business card size 9cm×5.5cm
    business card (around 5.5×9cm)
    around 27,500〜38,500yen (inc tax)

    Business card size 9cm×5.5cm
    post card (around 10×15cm)
    around 49,500〜60,500yen (inc tax)

    Business card size 9cm×5.5cm
    Large (3 sessions or more, back piece, sleeve etc.)
    Hourly 14,850yen (inc tax)

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    • – We accept VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX and Cash in Japanese yen.
    • – When you book a tattoo we will take a deposit to secure the booking. This is usually 11,000yen but might be as high as 33,000yen for very large tattoos. This deposit will be used against the final cost of your tattoo. 
    • – If you have a multi session tattoo, we will hold the deposit until the final session. 
    • – Once the deposit is paid, we are unable to refund the deposit. However, if you need to change your booking and contact us 15 days before your appointment, we will use the deposit for the new booking.


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    We are very happy to do a free consultation session either by email or in person prior to a tattoo session. If possible please call or mail the studio before you visit. If after meeting us you don’t feel ready to get a tattoo for any reason this is no problem!

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    • – You have Atopic dermatitis, herpes, epilepsy, heart problems, blood disorders, recent sunburn or any condition we feel might negatively effect the session.
    • – You are a minor (under 20 years old), pregnant, under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


    • -Get a good nights sleep.
    • -Wear loose clothing as tight clothing may cause bleeding.
    • -Wear older clothing.
    • -Eat a good meal a couple of hours before.

After care

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    Covering the tattoo

    We will cover your tattoo with a white pad and secure it with a bandage wrap or adhesive film. This will help keep your tattoo clean and from sticking to your clothes. After about 4 hours, remove the film/bandage and pad slowly. You might notice blood or ink under the pad- this is normal.

    Gently wash the tattoo using soap (unscented if possible) and warm water. Use your hands to wet the tattoo. Don’t use a sponge, washcloth, or run your tattoo under the water. Lightly pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel. Do not rub the tattoo. Apply a small amount of ointment, and cover it with the extra white pad provided.

    If you are using a bandage, wrap it around the tattooed area to secure the pad. Use the metal clips to keep the bandage in place.

    If you are using adhesive film, remove the white paper first. Cover the pad with the film (sticky side down, pink side up). Then remove the top layer.

    The morning after the tattoo, remove the film or bandage, wash the tattoo, and apply ointment again as described above. You can switch to a regular unscented lotion after you finish the ointment we gave you. Continue to wash your tattoo and apply ointment or lotion using the method described above 2 or 3 times a day until the tattoo is healed. This takes 4 to 6 weeks for most people. If your clothes stick to your tattoo, please do not pull the clothing hard to un-stick it. Soak the clothing in warm water (eg in the shower) and gently peel it off the tattoo.

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    Until your tattoo is healed

    • – Don’t scratch or rub your tattoo.
    • – Don’t soak your tattoo in baths, hot springs, rivers, the ocean etc. This may damage the tattoo and increases the risk of infection.
    • – Don’t wear tight fitting clothing.
    • – Avoid strenuous physical activity, e.g. goint to the gym, martial arts, dance etc.
    • – Keep your tattoo covered to protect it from the sun. After the tattoo is healed, use a good sunscreen to keep it protected long term.
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    Touch-ups are free within 3 months of the final session. Please contact us if you would like to fix any fading or unevenness, after your tattoo has healed. Please wait about a month to a month and a half for your tattoo to completely heal.

    Exclusions apply: Initial touch-up fees will occur for areas that fade easily, such as below the wrist, below the ankle (excluding the top of the foot), behind the ear, and inner lip. The fee will start at 8800 yen, depending on the content.

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    These are good articles with more detail on good after care practices.

    *If you have any questions please contact us. ( jump to mail form )

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q – I would like a quote for a tattoo, what information should I send in my email?

    A – Thanks for contacting us! If you can give us the following information it will really help us a lot to give you a quote.

    • a: Where would you like the tattoo.
    • b: What size (in cm x cm) tattoo would you like.
    • c: Would you like a black, black and grey or full color tattoo.
    • d: What kind of design would you like.( If you have any sketches, photos or pictures please send them.)
    • e: How many hours do you have available to have your Tattoo.
    • f: When are you available for your tattoo.
    • g: Have you had Tattoos before or this will be your first time.
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    Q – Can you send me a picture of the design by email before I come to the studio for the tattoo?

    A – Yes, we can email you designs after securing a deposit.

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    Q – Do you accept cash in other currencies?

    A – No we don’t but there is an Citi Bank near the studio where you can withdraw money.

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    Q – Do I need to sign a release form?

    A – Yes, you can see our release form here.