Asao Artist

  • Worked in the fashion industry as a pattern designer and began tattoo apprenticeship in 1997.
    Founded Studio Muscat in 2001 and moved to the current location in Shibuya in 2003.
    She creates tattoos which blend her clients ideas and her own originality in her own style. She wants to do high quality tattoos with a timeless style. In 2019 She continued to further studies at art school.
  • Asao’s Gallery

Shinya Artist

  • Shinya has been tattooing since 2005, he joined Studio Muscat in 2011.
  • In Junior high school he started listening to Metal, Punk and Hardcore, he first saw tattoos on album covers, in liner notes and in Japanese music magazines.
  • The musician’s fashion and tattoos were a huge influence on him which started him on the road to becoming a tattoo artist.
  • Shinya also fronted the Post-Punk / Alternative band BoyzBoyzBoyz!
  • Shinya’s Gallery

Eiji Artist

  • Eiji started tattooing in 2007, in Nagoya.
    He specializes in drawing people, animals and plants, capturing their movement. He likes working with Japanese traditional motifs like dragons, koi, tigers, masks and cherry blossoms in mainly in black and gray with his own delicate and powerful style.
    While Eiji is quiet and reserved he expresses himself through his works.
    He started working at studio muscat in 2015.
  • Eiji’s Gallery

Masa Artist

Masa Artist
  • Masa has been working at Studio Muscat since 2016. He has been passionate about drawing since he was a child. He especially likes to draw in a dark, slightly twisted style creating a beautiful surrealistic work.
    Many people all have dark and beautiful fantasies which he is uses to inspire his art.
  • Masa’s Gallery

Mizuki Artist

Mizuki Artist
  • After studying jewelry design and working in the jewelry industry, Mizuki joined Studio Muscat in 2015.

    Specializing in geometric designs and pen-and-ink style line work, she is also inspired by the delicate works of Alphonse Mucha and Fuyuko Matsui.

    Each piece is crafted with care, especially valuing the client’s thoughts and ideas.
  • Mizuki’s Gallery

Zuke Artist

Zuke  Artist
  • 8 years ago, I worked at a design company as a graphic designer and I got my first tattoo from Asao at studio Muscat. I was really impressed with the studio’s art and atmosphere and fell in love with the world of tattoos and decided to become a tattoo artist.
  • I like lettering, logo design and tribal style artwork but I am learning about many different types of art to develop my own style.
  • Zuke’s Gallery

Kazz Artist

Kazz Artist
  • Fascinated by drawing animals and fantasy creatures from a young age, Kazz decided to become a tattoo artist after spending two and a half years in Australia immersed in tattoo culture.
    While learning to incorporate his own style into traditional Japanese patterns and motifs, he also works with dark themes of “yokai” demons and ghosts.
  • Kazz’s Gallery

Keiko Artist

Keiko Artist
  • Keiko began their apprenticeship after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Washington State, USA.
    Inspired by the American Traditional style tattoos, they create playful, colorful tattoos for all genders and bodies.
  • Keiko’s Gallery


  • Specializing in Japanese and American traditional style works and unique tattoos combining these two styles, YOSHIKI also enjoys creating his own original art. He is inspired by classic American flash designs and Japanese Ukiyoe woodblock prints.
  • YOSHIKI’s Gallery

kyoca Artist

kyoca Artist
  • kyoca is from Yamaguchi and originally trained as a musician. Due to the connection between music and tattoo culture, she chose to transition from musician to tattoo artist. She likes abstract and unique art and focuses on delicate lines and colored pieces. She wants to combine create original works personalized for individual clients.
  • kyoca’s Gallery

Maiko Apprentice

Maiko Apprentice
  • Maiko has been drawing for as long as she can remember and currently creates narrative-driven drawings and oil paintings. As a student, she encountered body adorning art such as body paint and tattoos, and aspired to become a tattoo artist. She draws much inspiration from modern and post-modernist art, greatly influenced by Picasso, Fernand Léger, and de Chirico.
  • Maiko’s Gallery

Aoki Office manager & Photographer


David Counselor & Translator


Studio Muscat

Studio Muscat
  • We have a consultation space to discuss tattoo designs and ideas.
tattoo station
  • We thoroughly clean and prepare our tattoo stations to maintain the best possible sanitary condition.


Reception counter in the Annex
  • Reception counter in the Annex
Three new bright and spacious tattoo booths have been built.
  • Three new bright and spacious tattoo booths have been built.